Brent D. Borland

Real Estate Developer & Private Equity Investor

Real Estate

Borland Capital and Bespoke Capital Group originate, structure and capitalize real estate developments.

Private Equity

Borland Capital is active in venture capital and private equity investing.

Infrastructure Development

Borland Capital is focused on developing renewable energy, while also providing baseload power generation solutions.

Brent D. Borland

Passionate and successful entrepreneur in the finance, technology and real estate industries.

Brent Borland has successfully transacted approximately $10 billion in global real estate transactions in the United States, Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Turks & Caicos, Honduras, Mexico, Spain, Italy and the Dominican Republic. His innovative approach to structuring programs and transactions to ensure mutual success for all parties involved provides a definitive edge in the market place. As a seasoned investor and successful real estate business owner, his comprehension of the real estate market and his foresight of future market trends allow him to consistently set a new standard of innovation and versatility in the industry.

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